Options and Accessories


Discharge Exit Chutes

Used to funnel parts from drive end of the conveyor. Available for all conveyor widths and is made in high quality stainless steel.


Infeed Chutes & Hoppers

Funnels parts onto the conveyor and grows the effective width in a cost efficient way. Available for all conveyor belt widths and is easy to mount and remove. The Infeed Chute is made of high quality stainless steel.


Clear Covers

Plexiglass cover used for safety and to protect the product from dust and damage. Can be mounted to any section of the conveyor.


Feed Shield

Attach to the retaining walls of the conveyor to prevent parts from deflecting at the infeed and is available for all conveyor widths.

Options and Accessories

The DynaCon Conveyors are available with a wide variety of accessories for optimal parts conveyance including chutes, hoppers and plexiglass covers.

Options and Accessories


Plastic link style belting is utilized with the standard DynaCon Modular Conveyor System. Our plastic conveyor belting is self-lubricating, requires no maintenance, and is easy to clean and repair.


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